Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Lizzie Lou!
For Lizzie's birthday, we decided to have Grandma and Grandpa Ray along with Grandma Judy over.  Lizzie really wanted to see Malificent after seeing all the advertising for it at Disneyland.  So, we all decided to go see it while Grandma Judy stayed behind with Suzie.  The movie was great and Lizzie loved every moment.

She wanted a chocolate cake with strawberries and Asian steak and noodles for dinner.  We also had her favorite drink which are Izze's. 

Lizzie blowing out her candles.  She is getting so big.  I can't believe how fast time flies.

Lizzie's Baptism
June 28th, 2014
Williamsfield Stake Center
Along with turning 8, Lizzie had her special baptism day.  She was so happy to get baptized.  As Brad, Uncle Tyler, Uncle Trevor, and Grandpa Ray layed their hands upon her head to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost, she just beamed.  When I met her in the dressing room after, we were both very emotional.  I brushed her hair and gave her a necklace to remember her baptism by.  She is a wonderful little girl who has blessed my life in so many ways.  I will be forever grateful she is part of our family forever.

Family Vacation 2014
Anaheim, California
 Our family vacation took us to Anaheim, California this year.  We have some wonderful friends who gave us their military perks so we could enjoy Disneyland.  This picture was taken while we waited for Lizzie, Scott, and Daddy to ride California Screamin'.  Katie rode on this carousel at least 3 times.  Brian enjoyed riding with Katie as you can see.
 Brad is in the middle with Lizzie behind his hand.  This is my favorite part of California Screamin'.  This is just before they blast off at 35 mph speed. 
The first day we were there, we hung out with the Crandall's.  We went to Disneyland to eat lunch at Cafe Orleans.  Their Monte Cristo sandwich is amazing!  After we took this picture in front of the castle, some tourists from China wanted to take a picture with our little girls.  They were super sweet and in no way creepy, so we let them.

Meeting Minnie Mouse at California Adventure.  She gave the girls a little Minnie Mouse pin as a keepsake.

This part of California Adventure was so fun.  It reminded me of Cub Scout Day Camp.  They had to pass all these obstacles to become a Wilderness Explorer just like Russell on the movie "Up."
 The perilous rock wall.  They are actually only two feet off the ground!

Waiting in line for Pirates of the Carribean.  My favorite ride!  Oh, I am missing Disneyland already!
We met Captain America!  He loved talking to Suzie.

This was in the Innovation Center in Tomorrowland.

Cruising around the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain.
Brad and the gang riding the Astro Orbiters.  Suzie was napping so I just took pictures.
This is in Tinkerbell's Pixie Hollow.  They posed with Aridessa and Tinkerbell.  Lizzie talked to both of them for quite a while.

Suzie's first taste of a Dole Whip.  It was a little cold as you can see.
All three girls in the stroller.  Suzie took a few naps so she was not tired at 10:30 pm like Katie.  She is giving Katie a funny look.  This was the last night at Disneyland so we let the kids pick out souvenirs.  Since Lizzie's birthday was in 4 days, we let her get two things.  She picked out Maleficent's Sword and a Rapunzel Doll.  Katie picked out Merida's bow and arrows.  Suzie loved this little stuffed Cinderella baby.  Brian and Scott picked out magic tricks from the magic store.  We were sad to end our three day fun at Disneyland, but we looked forward to relaxing at the beach the next day.

 We decided to visit beautiful Newport beach. 
 Suzie's first taste of sand.
 Scott finding sea roaches to scare Lizzie with.  She hated that part of the beach.  She now deems it the worst beach trip ever because Scott was teasing her.
 Brad rented a boogie board and I am so happy he did.  We had so much fun riding those big waves.  I could have stayed out in the ocean all day catching waves.
 So much fun and I want to go back now!

Suzie unpacking everything I packed.  I am with you Suzie, I did not want to leave either.  We had such a wonderful vacation.  It was exhausting, but so fun.  We stayed in one hotel room which was a little tricky at night with Suzie.  She thought she could stay up until 12:30 am since she had frequent naps during the day.  The kids collapsed as soon as we got back to the hotel and so did we.  The moments I remember the most are when I went on Thunder Mountain Railroad with all of the big kids.  The ride is so exciting, but Brian pretended to be scared during the whole ride with these girlish screams.  We all were laughing hysterically during the whole ride because of  Brian.  Another memory was when we were waiting in line for Micky's Ferris Wheel.  We decided we wanted to ride on a swinging car.  Well, before we got on to our car, the family before us began throwing up all over it.  It was so gross.  They shut the ride down after we waited for 40 minutes to get on.  Luckily, they gave us a fast pass so we could get on right away next time.  We decided not to get a swinging car that time.  On the way home, we talked in the car about our favorite parts of the vacation.  We all agreed that Thunder Mountain was our favorite ride for many reasons.  Most of all, it was just fun to be together.  Family vacations are the best!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Our Baby's First Year 

Snuggling with Suzanna right after she was born.  

She looks like she is sick of all of us.  There is never a time when someone does not come up and kiss, hug, coo at, or hold her.
Her first Halloween.  We went as a family from the 1950's.
This is the rocking seat she would sit in while I made my family meals.  She loves being in the kitchen with me.  Now that she can crawl, she is always at my feet begging for scraps.
OK!  Normally, I would not put these types of pictures on my blog.  So maybe I should make this blog private!  Her baby bottom is so funny and squishy.  Every time I took her out of the bath, the kids would laugh and laugh.  Brian took this picture because he said this is something we need to remember.  Sorry, Suzie.
Baby's first Christmas.  She loved playing with her toys by the Christmas tree.  She was able to sit up at 5 months.  She cut her first bottom teeth at 8 months.  She finally started crawling at 10 months!
Daddy is the only one she can fall asleep on.  This was after our early Christmas morning.  Her first presents were new socks, two toys, and a new dress.
Katie and Suzie played all day while the kids were at school.  Sometimes I would find Suzie in the strangest places.  This was one of them.
Scott adores Suzie, but she just cries and screams when he tries to play with her or pick her up.  This was one moment where Suzie was enjoying the outside and his companionship.
This is how Suzie is most of the time around Scott.  It is so sad!

She loves being part of preschool!  The kids adored her and she was really quiet while I taught.  Most of the time she would nap, but the children really loved it when she was awake.  Especially during play time.
Suzie's first Easter.  I am rich with children.  Oh, how I love them!  
Suzie loves textures.  I was going through my scarves, and she loved twirling each of them and putting them on her head.  She took a baby headband and put it around her neck like a bow tie.  Brad took this picture because he thought it was so cute.
Her first taste of Newport Beach sand.  I can't believe how relaxed I am now as a mom.  I would have died if Brian even got sand near his mouth!  I just let her experience every sense of the beach, including taste.  We changed a lot of sandy diapers the next day!!

Suzanna or Suzie or ZuZu is 1 year old!  I cannot believe how fast her first year went.  To say we enjoy having her as part of our family is an understatement.  We adore every second with her.  She is such a sweetheart and a spitfire at the same time.  She needs to be by me all the time at this stage, which I do not mind one bit!  
Suzanna's Firsts
Bottom Teeth:  March 2014 (8 months)
First Words:  Mama, Dada, stop, hot, pretty, uh-oh, owie or ow (said under her breath-it is hilarious!)
Slept through the Night (my favorite) February 12th
Sat up:  5 months
Crawled:  10 months
Waved to people:  9 months
She is nowhere near walking and refuses to try!  I am alright with that!  Her favorite toys are her ball toy that shoots balls into the air.  She knows how to activate it and everything.  She also likes board books.  She could look at board books for 15 minutes at a time.  Sometimes when I am lazy and do not want to get up at 5:30 am, I will nurse her and put her down next to my bed with a basket full of board books.  It buys me another 15-20 minutes of sleep!  Her favorite things to eat are blueberries, Mommy's oatmeal, rice puffs, carrots, and cucumbers.  She still nurses every 3-4 hours, so I think it will be awhile before she is weaned.  Again, I do not mind.  She is my last baby, so I am soaking up every experience that a baby gives to a mom.  Suzanna, we adore you!  I look forward to the many years to come with you.  You are my squishy!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Katie's 5th Birthday/Trip to Utah

Katie turned 5 in North Salt Lake Utah at her Uncle and Aunt Fanello's house!

We hiked the Limber Pine Trail near Bear Lake.  It was so beautiful and scenic.  There were these elbowed trees everywhere that were a great perch for our kids.

Climbing on a fallen tree.

Visiting the Tabernacle in Salt Lake.  Courtney is now an official member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

The Dinosaur Park.  It was so cold and rainy that day!  

More of the Limber Pine Trail

Brian resting on an elbowed tree.

Gorgeous view of Bear Lake

Suzie and daddy napping on Courtney's sofa.

Suzie met her Great Grandma James who lives in Logan.  It was so fun visiting with her.

The girls loved her backyard which was complete with  grasshoppers getting mighty friendly.  Ugh!

We enjoyed visiting with Courtney, Aaron, and Mia in Utah.  Utah is so beautiful and fun to visit.  I just hate the long drive there.  Katie had a great birthday, too!  She picked out a new baby doll with a diaper bag for her present.  That is no surprise because she is our little mommy.