Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby Number 5

We are excited about our new baby coming late June or early July in 2013.  I have had baby cravings for a very long time and it never seemed the time was right.  I tried feeding my craving by mugging on my new nieces and nephew, but it did not suffice.  Brad and I went to the temple one night and both had the feeling that we needed to try again.  After a month, we were blessed with a positive pregnancy test.  I am now 11 weeks and feeling it.  Ugh!  I forgot about the feeling of morning (night) sickness that comes with early pregnancy.  I ate Taco Bell for the first time in 7 years.  I was craving a stinky Mexican pizza and burrito supreme.  I was dying the rest of the night!  We told the kids on Thanksgiving day because they were starting to get worried about my morning throw up sessions in the bathroom and lethargy in the afternoon.  Brad began by saying that Mom went to the doctor and they found a parasite that will live inside her for another seven months.  You will find that she will gain some weight because the parasite is positioned in her stomach which will grow dramatically.  The reaction:  Brian was laughing under his breath (nothing gets by him), Scott was seriously worried and kept asking questions like, "What does it look like?"  "How big will it get?"  How will the doctors get it out?"  Is mom going to get more sick?"  Lizzie and Katie just kept asking for the different flavors of sparkling ciders in their glasses while Brad was talking.  In conclusion, our children are very excited for the new addition to our family.  The only problem is that I gave everything baby away because I seriously thought our family was complete.  At least I still have a crib that is stored at my in-laws and I get to shop for baby clothes!  So fun!  We will find out if we are having a boy or girl in February.  I will keep everyone posted, but I have a feeling we are having a little boy.  
Names in the making:
Girl:  Annabelle (shocked that Brad likes this)  
Boy:  Michael Pearson (after great-grandma Elizabeth's maiden name)

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Tiffanyrose said...

WOHOOOO!!! If you have a boy, we will have followed exactly opposite each other with the order of the boys vs. girls. How awesome! I ams o excited for you guys!